Your Mouth Tells it All!

Your Mouth Tells It All

The mouth is the place to take in nourishment and is also the most sensual part of the face.  The size of the mouth shows the appetite.  The bigger the mouth the more a person wants.  This relates not only to food but to affection and information as well.  The mouth is a feature that expresses emotions easily with a smile or a kiss.  It is the second most chargeable feature on the face after the eyes.    Most major expressions require movement of the mouth.  The mobility of the muscles around the mouth allow people to change its share and mark it.

To the ancient Chinese, a large mouth was considered a fortunate feature.  Men with large mouths were supposedly more capable of getting a good wife.   Lillian Bridges states  in her book, Face Reading in Chinese Medicine,   “My great uncle spent a lot of time as a child trying to widen his mouth with his fist so that he would someday get a good wife.”

The mouth shows generosity and the ability to give. People with large mouths usually buy many presents for people they love.  People with average-sized mouths still have generosity but are more particular about to whom and how much they give.  People with small mouths find it difficult to give unless there is a good reason. They are more conditional about their giving .

The corners of the mouth are directly tied to some important heart emotions.  An upturned mouth means a person is optimistic, cheerful and positive and this helps them attract attention.  The down-turned mouth indicates pessimism.  People with this trait are prone to pessimism often because of past disappointments.

The size of the lips is also a factor.  Fullness of the lips is evaluated based on the fleshiness of the rest of the face.  Someone who has plump cheeks and a puffy nose will have bigger lips.  Someone whose skin is taut with aquiline features will have thinner lips.    In general, fuller lips belong to people who are more expressive emotionally.  They are romantic and sensual.  These lips indicate a desire for pleasure.  People with thinner lips are more reserved emotionally, especially if they hold them compressed together.   This indicates a desire to hold their feelings in.  They are proper and logical.

In the Western world, large lips are appreciated and valued on women.  Because of this many women spend a lot of money buying lipsticks to make their lips look bigger and lip gloss to make their lips look shiny and thus more prominent.  Some go as far as getting  collagen and fat injections and  GoreTex implants.

In men however thin lips are considered acceptable.  Western men are expected to withhold expression of their emotions until it is appropriate.  Thus men have learned to hold their lips  tightly together.  Many men have their lips compressed into a thin line.  Westerns see this is a sign of a strong man who is in control of himself and his emotions, when in actual fact, it is a sign of repression and can lead to an inability to express.

People with wide mouths and full lips get great pleasure from giving.. They express themselves easily in public and give easily to almost anyone, even people they barely know.   They are spontaneous about giving and can be seen giving things away just because someone admired the objects.

When you find someone whose lips are held tight in a pucker, this means they are holding on to disapproval and resentment.

Sensuality is also indicated by the size of the lips.  Fuller, puffier lips belong to more sensual people.  They enjoy experiencing life through their sense of touch, taste and smell.

In her book, Face Reading in Chinese Medicine, Lillian Bridges says that when the upper  lip is larger than the lower lip  you have found a person who desires intense emotional experience.  Otherwise known as a “drama seeker”, this kind of person takes all emotions to extremes.    This kind of lip can also be found on men and such men make the worse patients when they are sick or injured.  They are sure they need stitches when they are cut, are convinced they are dying until they are diagnosed with the flu, and are positive they have broken something when it is just a sprain.  They live life as thought they are in an Italian opera and are prone to exaggeration and emotional flourishes.  These types of people can be very entertaining or very exhausting.

If the lower lip is fuller than the upper lip these people desire physical pleasure.  They need to eat good food, drink fine wine, sleep in comfortable beds.   They do not tolerate discomfort and demand the best they can get.  The fuller the lower lip the more comfort and luxury this people needs.

Vertical lines in the upper lip are a sign of over-directedness.  These traits show overuse and a deficiency of energy.  People with these lines have worried too much about others and given too much of themselves away.

Although these lines are associated with smoking, there is still an underlying need for self-nurturing that smoking seems to fulfill.  These individuals smoke to help clear the mind of worry and therefore have the illusion of being nurturing to themselves.  The prescription for these lines is true self-nurturing, specifically luxury and pampering which will help create increased self-esteem and self-worth .

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