In 2016 The Joys of Health & Wellness will be offering a 50 hour Japanese Seitai Shiatsu course plus 100 practicum hours.

Cost: $850.00

Content of the course:

Traditional Chinese Medicine theory: understanding YinYang Theory, basic concept of the Five Elements, Zang-Fu Organ Theory, 14 Meridians and adjunct Channels Theory, Point Location, introduction of Brain Function Theory and Seitai Shiatsu Theory, as well as a one hour Seitai Shiatsu Treatment for Relaxation, and more…

This course is designed for personal enlightenment, self-healing and life validation , as well as an introduction to body functions from an alternative perspective. This training can also be incorporated as an additional modality for anyone who is already practicing, or is trained in, some form of healing arts.

For more information please contact Joy Cumminger, D.Ac., R.Ac..

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